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scoring tips

Within 2-weeks of the conclusion of each BHRS race, be sure to check back to find your results on your Score Card! Your Age Division for the BHRS is based on your age on the day of the final race in the series. The points that you are awarded during each BHRS race are based on your actual age during each race in the series. The percentages that you earn are based on how you completed the race compared to your same gender.

Please take note that Overall, Masters, & Prep winners from each race will be placed back into their Age Division. If you are in the same Age Division as these winners, this correction to award them their Age Division points will affect the points that you are awarded. At the end of the series, BHRS awards can only be earned in either the Overall, Overall Masters, OR- Age Division category. That means no double dipping!

View the points chart to learn how many points you can earn, based on the race, distance you choose, & how you place in your Age Division in each race! Now is the time to strategize which races to complete to try to earn the most points & highest percentages! Visit the FAQs for more information & detailed examples of scoring.



Within 2-weeks of purchasing a Big Hammock Race Series Season Pass, your information will appear on the Score Card. Please ensure that you get credit for each BHRS race you complete by confirming your race results before you leave a race. After you complete a race, locate the posted "unofficial race results" leader board & make sure your Age Division, Race Distance, Finish Time, Bib #, & Name are correct. If there are any discrepancies, immediately find the Race Director or Race Timer, advise them of the corrections that must be made, & always document your correct(ed) results before you leave. Your name must appear exactly as it does on your BHRS scorecard and your results must be public so that the BHRS Team can find your data when when scoring. Usually within 3 days, the race will post their online Official Race Results. You must check your official online results too & contact the Race Director right away if your results are not correct. Your documented unofficial results will act as the proof you need. The BHRS will wait approximately two weeks after each race to hand score each event to allow time for any scoring issues to be resolved. BHRS Scoring will only be based on the race's online Official Race Results. BHRS PassHolders with incorrect Official Race Results will not be given credit and races will not be re-scored to include later corrected results. Peace & love, there will be no exceptions!

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