series Wrap-up party

The awards have arrived! The Season 4 Wrap Up Party will be Saturday, June 20. Please read below about modified event.
Print & read your super fancy site map event plan to learn how to podium like a rockstar!

Season 4 is a wrap! The Big Hammock Race Series team believes our greatest responsibility is to respect the health and well being of all event attendees and those they may impact in the community at large. It is with that abundant amount of caution that we have decided to modify our traditional Wrap Up Party to a simplified touch-less award pickup event. We are deeply disappointed not to be able to celebrate your accomplishment but your safety and well being are most important to us and our volunteers.


Our goal is to promptly deliver the awards that you have worked so hard to earn in Season 4 in a carefully thought out plan to ensure the safety of all volunteers and attendees. Ultimately, what we value most is you! We want to assure those that choose to pickup their awards that we are committed to providing the safest environment possible while adhering to CDC guidelines… and then some! With that being said, our volunteers are committed to maintaining the safety plan we have devised. This drive up event is 1st-come-1st served. Our volunteers will move as quickly as possible to whisk you on your way. We strongly encourage those who are coming to wear a mask when arriving. 

If you plan picking up your awards, please RSVP and note the below rules of attendance for the safety of others. PLEASE STAY HOME IF you are sick, have a fever, have been around some who has had COVID-19,  you’ve have COVID-19, been out of the country or around someone who has been out of the country since this pandemic started.


Please have a someone pick-up your awards for you as this will be the only pick-up opportunity to claim your awards. You can also opt to have your award(s) shipped to you by sending $25 with Venmo app to (BigHammock) or website ( no later than 7/15/20. In the notes, provide up to two PassHolder names, one shipping address and phone number. All unclaimed awards will be forfeited. 

If you want a chance to win the typical AWESOME Wrap Up Party prizes that you have come to love, be sure to enter the "Potluck" section of the invitation & choose to "bring an item". Yes, weird, we know… but making the invitation work for us :) Only PassHolders who RSVP and also select the "potluck" option on the invitation will be entered in the drawing. Only those that come to the Drive Up event or have someone else pick up their gear are eligible to collect their prize if selected. Good luck & may the odds ever be in your favor!


All Season 4 Participants and their Guests are invited to party!

500 NW 27th Ave• Ocala, FL 34475

DIRECTIONS: Door to door

DATE & TIME: Sat. June 20, 8 a.m.-1 p.m..

RSVP: Kindly reply if attending or not.
RSVP to your PunchBowl Invite by Sat., June 12, 2020