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Rockstar VIRTUAL 5K

Wild Card Redemption
81% Sold Out as of 2/20/20
Sign Up Is Now Open Until They're Gone:
Don't delay if you want to earn your Wild Card to apply towards any Season 3 missed race & 10 Points for your Scorecard. There are only 500 spots available for this race and it will sell out!


The Big Hammock Race Series Super RockStar Virtual 5k Race, presented by iDeploy. can be walked/run anytime and place you choose! The only requirement while completing your distance is that you focus on what empowers and makes you stronger. Take the time to celebrate you and channel your inner RockStar! Use any Season 3 training workout to tackle the 5k distance. It’s the perfect time to grab a friend and getmoving. Join your favorite uplifting peeps,find your inner “toughie”, and unleash it!


The RockStar Virtual 5k is Race #1 in Season 3 of the Big Hammock Race Series. This race is only available as a virtual option & is the only virtual race in Season 3 of the Big Hammock Race Series. This Virtual race is open to the public & non-BHRS PassHolders are also able to complete this race.

BHRS PassHolder Perks:

When BHRS PassHolders register, complete their 5k distance, and then post their results on their account by the necessary deadline and redemption date(s) below, the excitement begins!


Then, you’ll also earn:


You won’t want to miss any live BHRS #2 - #10 races because crossing their Finish Line is the only way to earn the points they offer for your scorecard! But, as a BHRS PassHolders, the Wild Card you are eligible to earn can be used if a race MUST be missed to help you earn your Super Medal, Lucky Charm Medal, or Perfect 10 Glass.

To earn your your Wild Card & 10 Points on your Score Card, you must first post your Super RockStar Virtual 5k Race results on your on your "My Account" page.

Do you need to redeem a Wild Card?:
  • NO…  You have not missed any races this season.

  • YES…  You have missed any races this season.
    Complete a Wild Card Redemption Form within the allowed time frame for the challenge award you are trying to earn. Choose carefully and watch your calendar as you can only redeem your Wild Card for one race, one time, and changes will not be allowed. Once a prize’s Wild Card redemption window closes, it will no longer be available to earn using your Wild Card.

PEACE AND LOVE: No exceptions will be made

NOTE: You must first complete your Race #1 registration purchase. on You will be prompted to select a username and password during the checkout process to create your Virtual Strides Account. Medals are usually shipped to participants within a few days of when they submit their results on their Virtual Strides Account or at the end of the race period on May 31st, 2019, whichever comes first. If you want to receive your medals BEFORE submitting your results, simply check the box that indicates your preference during checkout. You must opt to display your results publicly for the BHRS Team to see your  virtual race results & award you credit for completion. A photo is not required, but we'd love to see one to share with other BHRS peeps!

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