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Super Race


Take the 4 race Super Race Challenge and earn the coveted Super Medal! 

If you are a BHRS participant who is vying for the Perfect 10 Glass, the Lucky Charm Challenge, or an Age Division/Overall award, please be sure to read the FAQs to learn more about how opting to complete a Virtual Race will affect your scorecard & other awards in the series.

How To Earn Your Bling:


Join the Big Hammock Race Series


Sign up for and complete the first Super Race Challenge race in the Big Hammock Race Series.

  • Super Race #1: Marion County Halloween 5k/10k on 10/27/18



Sign up for and complete one race at each of the next 3 Super Races in the Big Hammock Race Series.

  • Super Race #2: Running with the Herd 5k on 1/26/19

  • Super Race #3: Five Points of Life on 2/16/19 and 2/17/19 
    Only 1-Super Race credit can be earned even if you complete the 5k on 2/16/19 & then another distance race on 2/17/19.

  • Super Race #4: St. Paddy's Day 5k on 3/16/19


  • Collect your Super Race Challenge Medal at the St. Paddy's Day Race

  • Based on how you finished each race you will receive double points on your Scorecard.

Super Medal 2019.png
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